Painting Infinity

Infinity is a great far future Sci-fi miniature game I had played a couple game of last year with a Japanese sectorial Army. The game was super fun but the faction I had chosen felt limiting and was not really to my liking. So when I got back into mini wargaming a couple months ago, I managed to exchange my Japanese guys with a fellow gamer for some Nomads.

The Nomads can be summed up in a nutshell as ”Anarcho-Punks in space”. They live on Three big ships in space rejecting the main human society which is control by ”benevolent” AI.

Each ship has a vibe and figures related to it. I pretty much love the Corregidor which is a former prison ship full of bad ass killers and special troops. But since all of the Nomads models looked cool and I had receive a bunch of out of sectorial dude, I decide to play Vanilla Nomads not concentrating on any group in particular.

So… Then I had to start painting those incredibly detailed minis. I had a painter’s block for a couple weeks, priming them with some Gesso, making mental notes of all the awesome parts on them and watching tons of Youtube videos of people painting/giving advice on how to paint.

I had mixed feeling in the past about my ability to paint figurines. I had mostly just painted Games Workshop minis and I felt I was not that precise with my brushestrokes.

I finally made the jump and put brushes to paint with a model which was not a favorite of mine. Hey! If I messed it up,  I could always just forget that model and not play it.

So I made myself a wet palette

And I started painting, applying thin layers of an always lighter color:


And I was surprised! It was easy and you could easily get crazy lighting effect on the mini. I found also that my hand was way more steady then I thought.

So the next night I added details in order colors:

FB_IMG_1443664368555 FB_IMG_1443664541813 FB_IMG_1443664651446

So yeah the ice was broken and I made myself a promise I would stop slobbing in front of the TV every night and try to paint at least 2-3 nights a week as soon as the kids were asleep.

PS: I didn’t do anything to the base of the mini yet, as I intend to get really cool MDF ones from Top down terrains which I will paint separately and then glue the mini on.

For people curious about how a game of Infinity plays out, you can check out Ash Barker’s great battle reps on his Guerrilla miniature Gaming  youtube channel.

Next up: Pretty in pink with a Riot Grrl.

Painting Infinity

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