Pretty in Pink with the Riot Grrl.

So next up in my painting cue for Infinity was a really cool model called a Riot Grrl.

Riot Grrl are from the Bakunin ship which we establish in a previous post is the real Anarchist free-for-all kinda gypsy ship of the Nomad fleet.

When you think of Bakunin, you think bat-shit crazy. So when you realize most of the passenger of the Bakunin are affraid of the Riot Grrl, you are starting to understand what they are.

They are labelled as ”the authentic daughters of punk, icons of tactical street combat, leading representatives of the KIY (Kill it yourself) philosophy, anarcho-feminists with automatic weapons who jump into combat with ferocious conviction and and attitude that spits in the face of good manners.

So very happy of my previous success with the Moderator from bakunin I decided to give myself a challenge and paint the Riot Grrl pink and white (after all what is more KIY than pink), two colors that are really hard to get right when starting from black primer.

20151005_220816 FB_IMG_1444096917212

I realized also that my picture taking setup (using my phone in my bathroom) was not ideal to display the details of the miniature.

I ended the night sick of seeing that particular miniature and a bit discouraged about the progress.

Nonetheless I picked it up the following night and added the White/grey details on the mini and then she kinda got to a point where I was satisfied with it.

20151006_204246 20151006_204749 20151006_204807 20151006_204740

I realized at the end of that night that my wet palette was not setup as well as for the previous mini. I had changed the parchment paper and it was not wet enough so the mini was a bit more chalky than I would have liked.

Overall, I’m still happy with the result. Although it’s hard to photograph, it looks great and will pop on the battlefield.

What will I paint next: the rest of the Moderator from Bakunin, the Corrigedor Alguaciles or the start of my Frostgrave warband?

I should also really check into building a light box going for taking pictures.

Pretty in Pink with the Riot Grrl.

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