Thumb thumping!

I’m not refering to the Chumbawamba greatest hit here, but to a little tip a good friend gave me when I started painting minis.

Sometime when you dip your brush in the paint a small bubble of paint forms at the end of it. In order to avoid this and to control the consistency, color and width of the brushstroke, you can use your thumbs.

I always will do the first brushstroke of a newly paint-dipped brush on my thumb. That way you get a good idea of how it will look on the figurine and you avoid the paint bubble.

After a night of painting you end up with something like this:

FB_IMG_1443576321811[1] 20151006_212001 FB_IMG_1444097373419

No worries since we are painting with acrylic paints (you are, right!? Don’t make the rookie mistake of using something like Testor model car paint…. ) a bit of soap, some water and your skin will get back to it’s good old color (although it does nothing for that ghetto Nautical star tattoo… ).

Try it! I swear it will improve your brush skill.

Thumb thumping!

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