Slow and steady wins the war…

Progress is being made… slowly but surely. I have been pretty good with my promise of painting at least an hour every weeknight so far.

The only snag I’ve hit is this weekend because I got the blessing of Papa Nurgle and ended with a goshdang flu.

So I instead of painting more Moderator (and finishing mr. Green) I decide to take a good leap and paint one of my Corrigedor model (I guess you have already realized they are my favorite of the Nomads).

It was a important because most of my Corrigedor will follow a similar paint scheme for their clothing/armor that you can see here on my first Alguaciles:

20151008_221731 20151008_221743 20151008_221759

So Red and gray/white it will be.

Here’s the same model but with the final touch (hair, skin and some green bracer/holocomp):

20151012_20144420151012_203311 20151012_203317

Again, don’t pay attention to much at the bases since I will be rebasing every mini I paint for the time being they allow me not to be to worried about painting (this one is weirdly red since this model is second hand and was primed red went I got it initially)

I’m very happy about how the gray came out and the blond hair too. I’m also amazed at how easy skin tone have been so far with multiple layers of this simple recipe.

Vince’s Caucasian Flesh tone: 

-P3 Bootstrap Leather

-GW Tanned Flesh

-P3 Midlund Flesh

-GW Elf Flesh

Apply straight color in order then do a 50/50 before switching to next color straight.

So now all I technically need to do is to paint all my Alguaciles in an assembly line one color after the other. I have 6 to do and a whole bunch of other different Corridegor unit to do also. I think I will be seeing Gray and Red in the coming month.

PS: Sorry again about the pictures not being of a crazy quality, I need to get going with my lightbox which is another project that got put on the sideline because of this damn cold virus.

Slow and steady wins the war…

3 thoughts on “Slow and steady wins the war…

  1. Nice work Vince! Im always in awe when I read others painting journals as my skills are somewhat lacking in that regard. I know its all about practice but I just cant seem to find the time to get everything done. Loving that flesh tone you have there! I invested in some Scale 75 flesh tones….have you ever used them? Do you have any advice for painting other flesh tones such as pale, coloured, necrotic, etc? If you have any suggestions for a very pale with violet shading flesh tone for an almost Genestealer Cult then please feel free to suggest something.



    1. Thanks for the comments Jase. I don’t consider myself a great painter but it’s by painting more and more that I improve.

      As for other skin tones, I think the most important thing to do is to choose a good first color to apply it should be really dark almost that it just give a slight tint to your black primer. For example if you want rotten flesh, you would go with a dark forest green and then build from that with lighter shades of green up to a green white like GW Rotten flesh. Same thing for a purplish sick look, I would start with a deep purple [not the band obviously :)] and go from there. You could also do a wash of purple ink on my Caucassian flesh tone to bring out the sickness more. Hope that helps! Keep up the good work, pick up the brushes and a model you’re not affraid to mess up and just go at it.

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