Frosty frost frost!

Unless you have been living under a ”wargaming” rock lately, you probably heard of Frostgrave. It’s the brand new fantasy skirmish campaign wargame writen by Joseph A. McCullough and publish by Osprey publishing.

In Frostgrave you play a Wizard and his apprentice who assemble a small warband (10 figurines or so) in order to explore the recently rediscovered frozen ruins of the city of Felstad who was, a long time ago, ruled by powerful wizard who dabbled in dangerous magic.

In a nutshell, the objective of the game is to pick up more treasures than your opponent in order to further advance in experience your Wizard and his warband.

The cool thing is that, although North Star Military Figures makes some great miniatures for it, the game is pretty much miniature-agnostic which means you get to recycle minis that were gathering dust and not seeing much play from other games.

I have been avidly reading the rules in the last couple of weeks, wondering what I could play. At first the Necromancer seemed sweet and I was thinking of using a Games Workshop Vampire counts mini for it. But then as I was looking at my unused minis, I found the Old Zoraida sculpt from Malifaux (which I played about twice before deciding the game was not really to my liking).


(Obviously not my paint job here but it give you an idea what the miniature looks like)

Then the concept of my old crone Enchantress who creates Golems out of creepy dolls and puppets was born.

I also looked at my Warmachine stuff and found some bases I had done with greenstuff, sand and little bits of cork that were originally suppose to be swamp/trench type bases for my Cygnar Trencher.

Here two to show you what they look like before painting:

20151013_221343 20151013_221358

So tonight I decide to do a test and paint the base to see what they would look like if the greenstuff was some kind of ancient perpetually frozen ice surface.

Here’s how they turn out:

20151013_221114 20151013_221134 20151013_221108

Overall I’m quite happy with the effect. I might add some snow flock on the rock/dirt patches once I have glue my minis to the bases.

Here’s also a sneak peek at some of the construct I retouched from my previous paint job back in the Malifaux times:


More to come soon from a frozen ruin near you!

Frosty frost frost!

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