A Poisonous gift!

So yesterday was my birthday and three great things happened to me.

First, I received by mail my gift to myself.

After seeing Ash do a good review of the Gameplus+ miniature bag and foams, I decided to order one from for myself since I was actively on the hunt for a bag to carry my painted mini around thinking that, with my new level of painting, a couple Ziploc bags wouldn’t do anymore.

When I opened the box I realized this thing is huge!

20151014_172143 20151014_172214

I can fit 14” of foam high in it and it opens all of the way around so no fiddling around to get the foam out of it.

I like it! I will be able to carry complete armies (We are talking like 3000pts 40K armies here) along with a bunch of books and accessories in it. My only gripe with it is I would’ve like it to have backpack straps on it instead of a carry bag type strap. Hey! I might end up tempering with it and add some in the future.

So I’m glad I bought it even thought it ended up costing me around 200$ with the shipping and the Canada/US exchange rate (we are really getting screwed here in Canada when ordering from the US lately).

I also got a gift from my Coworkers/gaming buddies ( I realize I’m bless that I they can be both). It’s a poisonous gift like I mentioned in the title of this blog post.

They got me the Chaos Space marine half of the Dark Vengeance 40K boxset and the Chaos Deamon Codex. It’s poisonous since I had sworn off ever playing 40K after a couple bad games of 6th edition that were 8 hours of bad backseat gaming and head scratching ”I don’t fucking know the rules” hell!

Now that I have all these pretty models and that I can just play with my Chaos Daemons I bought earlier this year to play Age of Sigmar ( the new version of Warhammer Fantasy which is another game I have once said I would never play after having a bad experience with it).

Everyone that play 40k 7th edition tells me the game is way better and it’s easier to comprehend. I told myself this time I would do two things: I would take the time to read the rules and assimilate them and I would shutdown backseat gamers when I would play.  It will be clear when we play at our FLGS that no one is to come and comment or interfere with our game. There’s nothing I hate more than having a crowd of onlookers telling you about the rules and stuff when you are concentrating on playing the game.

So now I have all these new pretty models to paint that are added to the ever expanding painting list.

The third thing that was pretty cool that happened yesterday, is that after only a week or so of starting this blog, I got 73 visitors and 93 views on my posts! I blame Frostgrave for that 😉

Anyhow this encourages me to keep trying to paint at least 1 hour a day and to try to keep up with the blog semi-daily. It’s good to feel like you’ve got people that are following your work and your progress, so don’t hesitate to comment on the blog or through the different outlets where I share it.

Now I’ll shut up and go paint some stuff (or read those damn 40k rules)!

A Poisonous gift!

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