Blizzard over Felstad!

 So as the snow is about come arrive up north here in Canada we are about to embark on a Frostgrave campaign. I’m impressed that by just asking around we got 9 brave soul to take the journey with us. I guess the “pick your own minis” aspect of the game has it’s appeal.

So the wizards will be:

  • Varushska Zhdanova the cursed Weaver  (Enchanter played by me)
  • Svijmitaël the eternal (aelf Chronomancer)
  • LLalowar the Witcher (Elementalist)
  • Fiona Iceheart (Elementalist)
  • Malachy Redgrave (Necromancer)
  • Dranael Vect (Elf Thaumaturge)
  • Oounch Scrollburner (Goblin Soothsayer)
  • Sepitus the foreigner (Illusionist)
  • 1 Mysterious unnamed wizard.

Over all it’s a good spread of schools.

I’m also happy that we have a range of miniature gaming experience from “Never played a miniature game” to “I use to know Advance Squad Leader rules by heart.” And everyone seems to be getting in the storytelling aspect of the game.

Since we have such a range of experience, I might some of the participants do guest battle report here.

I haven’t had any new figs to show off today since my weekend was spent mostly enjoying the colder temperature outside.

Next I will give a rundown of my warband list and the choices I made for it.

I still need to find figurines for half my warband. Can’t wait to go shop for them.

Blizzard over Felstad!

3 thoughts on “Blizzard over Felstad!

  1. Great spread of wizard types! Glad you found so many willing participants. I’ve been painting like a madman getting ready for a frozen adventure. Good luck on a successful campaign.


    1. I’m impressed by the turn out and I’m kinda scared cause we aim to start early November and I’m still missing more than half the models I need for the Warband. If only I could get a box of the official plastic Soldiers without having to order it from the UK!


      1. There’s Brigade Games in the US but not sure if the exchange rate will work out well. Maybe a box of Mantic’s Kings of War or some Warlord ancients?


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