A grave of Frost.

Tonight was our first time actually trying out a game of Frostgrave. It was a trial run for the upcoming campaign. So my good friend Korto and I came with a bunch of proxies, made our list on Battlescribe which has a decent warband building setup and went to our FLGS (L’Abyss). We took most (if not all) of the Fantasy terrains they had and created a mess of ruins to play within and decide to play just a straight game without any particular scenario since it was the game played.

Here are some shot of the ruins:

20151022_191412 20151022_191424 20151022_191434 20151022_191438 20151022_191441 20151022_191446

The game was great. Like in all new wargames, we forgot a couple things at first (adding weapon bonus to the damage, damage for spell failed, etc.) but we adjusted as we went along and by the end we were pretty at ease with all aspect of the game. I didn’t think of taking pictures while the game was in process since we were concentrating in playing it and I was too busy rolling an insane amount of good rolls. I guess bringing my ”PC slayer gamemastering dice” helped ;).  Of course, this being a one-shot sample game, we were a bit careless with our models (i.e.: I killed my apprentice empowering a leap spell so one of my guy could leave the table with a treasure in hand).

The things I really liked in no particular order:

  • Vertical movement is relevant and a strategic option as all structures are climbable.
  • Conflict (shooting/fighting) and spell casting resolution is simple and easy to learn.
  • Yet the level of strategy is deep as you have many relevant options with each characters.
  • Campaign play will create an interesting narrative which will in turn fuel the envy to play the game.

So playing the damn thing confirms what I had suspected by watching battle reports, Frostgrave is a really fun casually competitive game to play with a bunch of friends/fellow wargamers.

Now if my Redbox minis and my Frostgrave soldiers box can arrive so I can fill these bases I completed yesterday with my dudes:


PS. Korto bought the new Batman miniature game rulebook so It’s possible you will see some of this also in the near future… So many wargames, so little time.

A grave of Frost.

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