Oyt and Bogdan

So I have two more minis painted for my Frostgrave warband.

I present to you Oyt the Thug:

20151109_205442 20151109_205445 20151109_205448 20151109_205456

Sluggish but docile Oyt is the perfect servant. Reaching for the loot and getting the hell out when told to.  

And Bogdan the Thief:

20151109_205218 20151109_205230 20151109_205244 20151109_205252

Brigand turn treasure-seeker Bogdan is often a spearhead in the exploration of the ruins.

I’m not 100% happy with what I have done so far with these guys but I strive to have my complete warband painted to a tabletop standard as soon as possible. I’m trying to tie-in the purple on each mini to keep an unifying theme.

I still have another Thief, two Treasure hunter (models from Redbox) and a Crossbowman to finish. I also made a hard decision to change the mini I will use for my apprentice. I was going to use Magda from afar from Redbox Miniature: 

But since I have been using Malifaux 35 mm and Heroic 28mm miniature she’s really too small being a truescale 25mm fig.

So I will turn again to Malifaux and my apprentice will be Meister Yosef a spin on Geppetto from Pinochio using the Collodi mini:

So I’m even more on board with my plan to slowly switch most of my human for Construct as he came with even more dolls.

Oyt and Bogdan

Milosh the scarred

Here’s a quick post just to let you guys see the first fig I consider finished (or at least table ready) for Frostgrave.

So here’s Milosh our Thug #1:

20151105_214926 20151105_21491720151105_214934 20151105_214943

Milosh, previously a farmhand in the country side, was in a terrible pitchfork accident which left him with nasty scar in the side of the head and half his wits. Good thing it also made him fearless and violent. He serves Varushska mostly by rushing in and killing everything he sees.

I’m a bit disappointed by the light effect I tried in the lantern but due to time constraint it will have to do. I might try to redo it Milosh ends up not dying early on.

Milosh the scarred