Shhhh… It’s okay to be afraid.

So as Halloween weekend closes in, I have finally settled on what I will be playing in the Batman miniature game. I debated playing good guys or bad guys for quite sometime.

I liked Commissioner Gordon and the cops but in the end they fell a bit bland as minis for me.

I wasn’t a fan of Joker’s clowns. I even considered painting them in a realistic ”I created a mask of my face by mutilating myself”, but the sculpts weren’t good enough to try that.

I was bummed that Riddler has robots and not actual henchmen

and Penguin’s crew felt like just dudes in parkas.

I was strongly leaning towards Bane but then I found out they had a pack one of my favorite Batman villain:

Zsasz! The psychotic serial killer who tallies his kills on his skin.

have no dysfunctional family background. I suffered neither childhood abuse or trauma. I kill for ONE reason only, doctor -- because I CHOOSE to.
I have no dysfunctional family background. I suffered neither childhood abuse or trauma. I kill for ONE reason only, doctor — because I CHOOSE to. I kill because I want to kill. Because I choose to kill.
preview_WEB_LUNATICS 1
Zsasz with Pavilion A, Pavilion B and file 08923

Unfortunately this Arkham Asylum inmate can’t be taken as a Leader in the game….

but then who would crazy enough to use this deranged coldblood killer to further his own end?

Of course, the answer was clear:

Jonathan Crane, famous psychiatrist and master of fear aka Scarecrow.


Scarecrow with Militia

I’m not a fan of the militia guys, they will probably replaced by some Asylum thugs/Inmates/Crazies using these guys:


So my backstory for this group of villains is that the Scarecrow unleashed the inmate he has been experimenting on to help spread fear and chaos on Gotham hoping to undermine the Bat itself.

There’s however a twist to this plot, Although the Scarecrow thinks he’s acting on his own volition, he’s actually getting his strings pulled from the shadows by the real true enemy of Batman, the man that hates him more than anyone else:

Thomas Elliot! aka Hush.



I recommend that you take the time to read Batman: Hush which is one of my over favorite Batman story line.

So there you have it, that’s my Batman miniature game crew. I will be collecting them over the course of the upcoming month.

Now as we ran around today to figure out all the last minute details for Halloween, I stopped at the game store and got myself these guys:


The pilot will be my HVT for the time being until I get an actual Lizard TAG. The Intruder is a model I have been looking at for quite some time now. He’s just in a badass pose and such a cool looking sniper.

I also finally got my half of this:


So I that’s 10 guys to assemble and paint ASAP before we start the campaign. I guess I have my work cut out for me for the next couple of days…

And now the real question: What will my Halloween costume be!?!

Here’s a peek:


Shhhh… It’s okay to be afraid.

Slow and steady wins the war…

Progress is being made… slowly but surely. I have been pretty good with my promise of painting at least an hour every weeknight so far.

The only snag I’ve hit is this weekend because I got the blessing of Papa Nurgle and ended with a goshdang flu.

So I instead of painting more Moderator (and finishing mr. Green) I decide to take a good leap and paint one of my Corrigedor model (I guess you have already realized they are my favorite of the Nomads).

It was a important because most of my Corrigedor will follow a similar paint scheme for their clothing/armor that you can see here on my first Alguaciles:

20151008_221731 20151008_221743 20151008_221759

So Red and gray/white it will be.

Here’s the same model but with the final touch (hair, skin and some green bracer/holocomp):

20151012_20144420151012_203311 20151012_203317

Again, don’t pay attention to much at the bases since I will be rebasing every mini I paint for the time being they allow me not to be to worried about painting (this one is weirdly red since this model is second hand and was primed red went I got it initially)

I’m very happy about how the gray came out and the blond hair too. I’m also amazed at how easy skin tone have been so far with multiple layers of this simple recipe.

Vince’s Caucasian Flesh tone: 

-P3 Bootstrap Leather

-GW Tanned Flesh

-P3 Midlund Flesh

-GW Elf Flesh

Apply straight color in order then do a 50/50 before switching to next color straight.

So now all I technically need to do is to paint all my Alguaciles in an assembly line one color after the other. I have 6 to do and a whole bunch of other different Corridegor unit to do also. I think I will be seeing Gray and Red in the coming month.

PS: Sorry again about the pictures not being of a crazy quality, I need to get going with my lightbox which is another project that got put on the sideline because of this damn cold virus.

Slow and steady wins the war…

Pretty in Pink with the Riot Grrl.

So next up in my painting cue for Infinity was a really cool model called a Riot Grrl.

Riot Grrl are from the Bakunin ship which we establish in a previous post is the real Anarchist free-for-all kinda gypsy ship of the Nomad fleet.

When you think of Bakunin, you think bat-shit crazy. So when you realize most of the passenger of the Bakunin are affraid of the Riot Grrl, you are starting to understand what they are.

They are labelled as ”the authentic daughters of punk, icons of tactical street combat, leading representatives of the KIY (Kill it yourself) philosophy, anarcho-feminists with automatic weapons who jump into combat with ferocious conviction and and attitude that spits in the face of good manners.

So very happy of my previous success with the Moderator from bakunin I decided to give myself a challenge and paint the Riot Grrl pink and white (after all what is more KIY than pink), two colors that are really hard to get right when starting from black primer.

20151005_220816 FB_IMG_1444096917212

I realized also that my picture taking setup (using my phone in my bathroom) was not ideal to display the details of the miniature.

I ended the night sick of seeing that particular miniature and a bit discouraged about the progress.

Nonetheless I picked it up the following night and added the White/grey details on the mini and then she kinda got to a point where I was satisfied with it.

20151006_204246 20151006_204749 20151006_204807 20151006_204740

I realized at the end of that night that my wet palette was not setup as well as for the previous mini. I had changed the parchment paper and it was not wet enough so the mini was a bit more chalky than I would have liked.

Overall, I’m still happy with the result. Although it’s hard to photograph, it looks great and will pop on the battlefield.

What will I paint next: the rest of the Moderator from Bakunin, the Corrigedor Alguaciles or the start of my Frostgrave warband?

I should also really check into building a light box going for taking pictures.

Pretty in Pink with the Riot Grrl.

Painting Infinity

Infinity is a great far future Sci-fi miniature game I had played a couple game of last year with a Japanese sectorial Army. The game was super fun but the faction I had chosen felt limiting and was not really to my liking. So when I got back into mini wargaming a couple months ago, I managed to exchange my Japanese guys with a fellow gamer for some Nomads.

The Nomads can be summed up in a nutshell as ”Anarcho-Punks in space”. They live on Three big ships in space rejecting the main human society which is control by ”benevolent” AI.

Each ship has a vibe and figures related to it. I pretty much love the Corregidor which is a former prison ship full of bad ass killers and special troops. But since all of the Nomads models looked cool and I had receive a bunch of out of sectorial dude, I decide to play Vanilla Nomads not concentrating on any group in particular.

So… Then I had to start painting those incredibly detailed minis. I had a painter’s block for a couple weeks, priming them with some Gesso, making mental notes of all the awesome parts on them and watching tons of Youtube videos of people painting/giving advice on how to paint.

I had mixed feeling in the past about my ability to paint figurines. I had mostly just painted Games Workshop minis and I felt I was not that precise with my brushestrokes.

I finally made the jump and put brushes to paint with a model which was not a favorite of mine. Hey! If I messed it up,  I could always just forget that model and not play it.

So I made myself a wet palette

And I started painting, applying thin layers of an always lighter color:


And I was surprised! It was easy and you could easily get crazy lighting effect on the mini. I found also that my hand was way more steady then I thought.

So the next night I added details in order colors:

FB_IMG_1443664368555 FB_IMG_1443664541813 FB_IMG_1443664651446

So yeah the ice was broken and I made myself a promise I would stop slobbing in front of the TV every night and try to paint at least 2-3 nights a week as soon as the kids were asleep.

PS: I didn’t do anything to the base of the mini yet, as I intend to get really cool MDF ones from Top down terrains which I will paint separately and then glue the mini on.

For people curious about how a game of Infinity plays out, you can check out Ash Barker’s great battle reps on his Guerrilla miniature Gaming  youtube channel.

Next up: Pretty in pink with a Riot Grrl.

Painting Infinity