Felstad or bust

So I have been crazy busy getting ready for our upcoming Frostgrave campaign which should’ve started November 1st but has been delay (much like the snow here) to mid to late November since a bunch of the guys don’t have their minis yet. I’m looking at you Redbox miniature! 🙂

Since I received the Frostgrave plastic soldier box, I got into building the model I will need to start my warband.

My two thieves well equipped to plunder Felstad
Here’s a shot of the same thieves but from the back to show all the equipment.
My two thugs. I went for the ruggish simpleton look. Hodor!

Then I had more bodies, so I planned a bit ahead and made:

Two Men-at-arms.
Two Infantry men.
a Knight
a Knight
a tracker or a ranger depending on how I feel.
a tracker or a ranger depending on how I feel.

All these are made by mixing some old GW Empire bits with the Frostgrave soldier kit. They were pretty compatible, if I was less rushed I might have taken the time to fiddle more with the models and maybe add greenstuff but for the time being they will do.

I already had my snow base for the minis so tonight I painstakingly remove the stupid little plastic base (that was a pain!) primed the mini and glued them to the base.

Here were they are as of now:


Next up painting the damn dudes!


While I was sifting through my bits, I started putting aside interesting stuff that was finding and I ended up with enough bits to create 6 custom treasure markers:

20151102_224809 20151103_225613

I’m pretty happy with the result and I’m glad that I will have decent Treasure tokens of my own to play with. I like how the token don’t only represent gold and riches but rather include more magical item like tomes and potions.

I also got a painting contract from a friend who will also partake in the Campaign. He asked me to paint his pathfinder goblin based Soothsayer warband (he plays Ouunch Scrollburner in our campaign).

Here a picture the figs I will work with:

(From left to right) top: two models of Thugs, a thief and an Archer bottom: a Treasure hunter, a Infantryman, a dog and a Barbarian.
Ouunch Scrollburner herself. She’s on a palanquin pushed by 4 diminutive goblins so she will be on a bigger base. It’s a conscious decision of the player. We will see if it affects the gameplay in any ways.
And the apprentice with his trusty staff.

I think I will have fun doing them alongside my more traditional Frostgravers.

So that’s all I have on my desk for now. work work work!

Felstad or bust