Oyt and Bogdan

So I have two more minis painted for my Frostgrave warband.

I present to you Oyt the Thug:

20151109_205442 20151109_205445 20151109_205448 20151109_205456

Sluggish but docile Oyt is the perfect servant. Reaching for the loot and getting the hell out when told to.  

And Bogdan the Thief:

20151109_205218 20151109_205230 20151109_205244 20151109_205252

Brigand turn treasure-seeker Bogdan is often a spearhead in the exploration of the ruins.

I’m not 100% happy with what I have done so far with these guys but I strive to have my complete warband painted to a tabletop standard as soon as possible. I’m trying to tie-in the purple on each mini to keep an unifying theme.

I still have another Thief, two Treasure hunter (models from Redbox) and a Crossbowman to finish. I also made a hard decision to change the mini I will use for my apprentice. I was going to use Magda from afar from Redbox Miniature: 

But since I have been using Malifaux 35 mm and Heroic 28mm miniature she’s really too small being a truescale 25mm fig.

So I will turn again to Malifaux and my apprentice will be Meister Yosef a spin on Geppetto from Pinochio using the Collodi mini:

So I’m even more on board with my plan to slowly switch most of my human for Construct as he came with even more dolls.

Oyt and Bogdan