Milosh the scarred

Here’s a quick post just to let you guys see the first fig I consider finished (or at least table ready) for Frostgrave.

So here’s Milosh our Thug #1:

20151105_214926 20151105_21491720151105_214934 20151105_214943

Milosh, previously a farmhand in the country side, was in a terrible pitchfork accident which left him with nasty scar in the side of the head and half his wits. Good thing it also made him fearless and violent. He serves Varushska mostly by rushing in and killing everything he sees.

I’m a bit disappointed by the light effect I tried in the lantern but due to time constraint it will have to do. I might try to redo it Milosh ends up not dying early on.

Milosh the scarred

A grave of Frost 2

We (Korto and me) played our second trial game of Frostgrave tonight in an attempt to figure the rules and strategies of it.

This time around we were more relaxed and we have two books to sift through when we had a rule question.

We played the mausoleum (renamed the Summoning circle due to the terrain piece used) since I found my box of shitty skeletons from days yonder.

Even though it added an entire new creature phase to the game we didn’t have to deal with last time, it was pretty easy to manage and the creature ”A.I.” rules were easy to apply.

We also found out that we had done melee wrong and realized that it’s not always safe to initialize melee with another fighter since when you lose the dice off your the one getting hit by the defender. That makes for a deadlier battleground.

Again the game was without any stakes since it’s not a campaign game so we were maybe a bit more brash. I ended up killing both of Korto’s  wizard and apprentice.

The game ended in a ”tie” since we both got 3 treasure off the table or in possession when my opponent decided to run away as per our campaign rules.

Strategy wise, I figured out that having your henchmen working in a two men team is good. I like pairing a Treasure hunter and a Thief together as they run fast and one can protect the other when he his lugging the treasure around. Also Thugs and Zombies are great to attract monsters and to keep your MVP from getting bugged down in a fight. I need to pay more attention to movement as it’s quite important to keep your Wizard and Apprentice near other soldiers to get them to move earlier in the turn.

Here’s a bunch pictures from the game:

(Please keep in mind we are currently using proxies to represent models since we are still awaiting our orders from Redbox and from Northstar)

All is quiet in the city block of Felstad before the wizard disturb the summoning circle.

20151027_183743 20151027_192055 20151027_192105 20151027_192113 20151027_192123 20151027_192136

Then all hell broke loose and skeletons shimmied around!

Korto's crossbowman vantage point a top the cemetery outcrop.
Korto’s crossbowman vantage point a top the cemetery outcrop.
 Krongar will protect you little thief! Look out for this Zombie fighting a skeleton!
Krongar will protect you little thief! Look out for this Zombie fighting a skeleton!
Clusterf**k near the summoning circle.
Clusterf**k near the summoning circle.
Well organized advance from Korto's warband.
Well organized advance from Korto’s warband.
A grave of Frost 2

Varushska’s caravan

Storytales from the Frostgrave:

A young maiden once mourned the lost of her stillborn child so much than she made a doll that resemble the fetus. She soaked the stitching in the blood of the decease infant. Imploring pagan gypsy gods to numb the pain and to come to her help so she would never loose a child again. Little did she knew, the pagan gods answered her prayers and the doll the maiden had made came to life filled with the corrupted soul of the never born children.

Varushska was that young maiden and she’s now the old mother of many many neverborn children. She heard that within the ruins of Frostgrave exist flesh mannequins of porcelain complexion who were used as vessel for the aging souls of old decrepit wizards. So she roams the ruin, stretching her old frozen bones, dreaming of porcelain skin.

My Warband will consist of:

Varushska Zhdanova from the school of Enchanting

Magda the young her apprentice

and her caravan of gypsy brigands including at the start:

2x Thugs

2x Thieves

2x Treasure Hunters

and 1 Crossbowman

This make a total of 9 models which will allow me to attempt to animate a medium construct before the first game to complete the warband.

Here are the spells I decided to go with and a bit about why I chose them:

From the Enchanter school I took:

  • Animate Construct (It’s the main driving force behind this Wizard, I intend on slowly replacing most of my soldiers with more docile puppets)
  • Grenade (which is my main offensive spell. I picture Varushska throwing small voodoo dolls filled with bad juju which explode on contact)
  • Telekinesis (For Treasure moving shenanigans)

 From my three aligned schools (Witch, Sigilist, Elementalist):

  • Familiar (giving me some much needed extra HP. I figure my Familiar will be represented by the different dolls that surround Varushska at all times)
  • Explosive runes (Another offensive Grenade type spell to ward off opposing warbands)
  • Elemental shield (for added protection)

And from the neutral schools:

  • Leap (so I can send my henchmen to pick treasure in hard to reach places)
  • Raise Zombie (for extra deadman power)

So that’s my Frostgrave Warband in a nutshell. I hope that my thematic choices will also provide me some strategic advantage in this upcoming campaign.

Here a WIP shot of Varushska herself with frostbitten skin. I still need to do all the clothes and to add three little voodoo critter to her base:


You can see them lurking in the background here are two of her construct (Medium size) with appropriately epic poses now that they are glued to the bases:


And here’s a little Top down group shot to show you how the base look with the minis on them:


Finally a sneak peek at my next painting task:


It’s gonna be all about that base when they finish drying.

Varushska’s caravan