The State of 2016

I have been away from this blog for a while now and I thought I would take the time and chime in as to why it’s the case.

You probably figured as it’s often the case with our wonderful hobby, life got in the way.

It did… but in a good way.

In December, as Christmas was looming in, I got in kind of a painter’s rot. None of the model on my paint table screamed at me to be painted. Alternatively, my ever growing kids required more and more playtime from Daddy with bedtime stretching to 7:30-8am at night.

Then the main culprit crept back into my life. That insidious, additive, cardboard crack that is Magic the Gathering.


I started playing a while ago (restarting with Khans of Tarkir) when I discovered along with a bunch of colleague at work that the pay to win game of days yonder was now an elaborate balanced entity with many new format to master. I mostly played Commander when I got back into it. They we started to play Standard with sub-par decks which incidentally ensure we got our ass kicked whenever we would show up at any competitive events.

Then I discovered the holy grail which fits my play style (Aggro), Atarka Red!

Go Aggro, Beat face, your creature become Immense and you win. What’s not to love.


So yeah, I haven’t been here much talking about miniature gaming because the cardboard crack took over for a while.

But I got good news for you guys: My best friend (Which I’ve known since I was 3-years old) finally manage to accomplish our teenage dream and opened up a gaming store in early 2016!

This means, I have whole lot more minis on the painting table and many many gaming sessions planned for the future.

And if you don’t mind, I might talk from time to time about my second love, MTG.

Here’s what on the list of things to come down the pipeline:

-Getting back into Warhammer 40K (wish me luck)

-Bloodbowl with some league talk

-Malifaux since I have all those great metal figures just gathering dust

-Same thing with Warmachine and my Cygnar Army

-My experience drafting at FNM

-Maybe some Computer gaming (I have been enjoying some great Indie games lately)

-And last but not least my forray back into GMing some RPGs


The State of 2016